Way back to paradise

A visitor arrives from Morocco and tells me a curious story about how certain desert tribes perceive original sin. 

Eve was walking in the Garden of Eden when serpent slithered over to her. 

'Eat this apple,' said the serpent. 

Eve, who had been properly instructed by God, refused. 

'Eat this apple,' insisted the serpent. 'You need to look more beautiful for your man.'

'No, I don't,' replied Eve. 'He has no other woman but me.'

The serpent laughed.

'Of course he has.'

And when Eve did not believe him, he led her up to a well on the top of hill. 

'She's in that cave. Adam hid her in there.'

Eve leaned over and, reflected in the water of the well, she saw a lovely woman. She immediately ate the apple the serpent was holding out to her. 

According to this same Moroccan tribe, a return to paradise is guaranteed to anyone who recognizes his or her reflection in the water and feels no fear. 

Source: Like the flowing river by Paulo Coelho